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Lektüre und Material

Wintersemester 22/23

Gebru, Krause, Wang, Chen, Deng, Aiden, Fei-Fei
Using deep learning and Google Street View to estimate the demographic makeup of neighborhoods across the United States 🔓

Anu Taranath
Beyond Guilt Trips

Doctorow, Cory

Liboiron, Max
Pollution is Colonialism

Ahmed, Sara
On being included

Maggic, Mary
Open Source Estrogen 🔓

Sommersemester 22

Tsing, Ana L.
The Mushroom at the End of the world

Tsing, Deger, Saxena, Zhou (Editors)
feral atlas 🔓

Okasha, Samir
Philosophy of Science - a very short introduction

Cadon, Benjamin
Code is political and Algorithms are weapons of math destruction 🔓

Thorn, Abigail
Gender, Witchcraft and Marxism 🔓

Bradley,Lisa M. and Jimenez, José M.
Strandbeest Dreams from Sunvault-Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation' 🔓

Haraway, Donna
Situated Knowledges

Turing, Alan
Computing, Machinery and Intelligence

Sweet Learning Computer 🔓

Wintersemester 21/22

Tsing, Swanson, Gan, Bubandt, Editors
Arts of Living on a damaged Planet

Vandermeer, Jeff

Redshaw, Thomas
Of Bitcoins and Blockchains: the social construction of Cryptocurrencies 🔓

Padilla, Margarita
Technological Sovereignty: What are we talking about? 🔓

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