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What is the LeseLabor?

We are an interdisciplinary, student-organized Seminar at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main (in Germany).

Our name is literally translated as the "reading lab", which falls in line with our goal to be a space where the social sciences and the natural sciences can meet. We do this by reading a colourful set of texts together, ranging from social science theory, to scientific papers to literature.
Although we are mostly text based, other media such as Video Essays, Podcasts, (Video) Games and Computer Code may also become subject of our reading laboratory.

Beyond the pressure to perform, academic arm-wrestling and credit points, our Seminar wants to offer a space at the Goethe University where we can think and ponder, engage critically and reflect ourselves and our academic disciplines. Before we can excell at anything we have to learn how to be excellent with each other and collaborate across difference.

Syllabus for the winter semester 22/23

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Alle reden von interdisziplinääär.
Wir machen es.

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Every Wednesday 20.15 (UTC+2)
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beginning on the 19.10.2022